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Section A新闻

1 B The test driver made a wrong judgement

2 D They have generally done quite well.

3 A He works at a national park.

4 B They were making a lot of noise.

5 A The discovery of a new species of snake.

6 C A snake crawled onto his head in his sleep.

7 D From its colour.

Section B 对话


8 A The security check takes time.

9 B By credit card.

10 A Give him a receipt.

11 D Posting a comment on the hotel’s webpage.


12 C He has stopped making terrible faces.

13 D Warn him of danger by making up a story.

14 A They could break pp’s legs.

15 B One would have to shave their head to remove a bat in their hair.

Section C 篇章


16 C Everything seemed to be changing.

17 A Meeting people.

18 D He was a young student in the 1960s.


19 B They avoid looking at them.

20 C It focuses its eyes on their mouths.

21 B By taking in their facial expressions as a whole.


22 D

They resort to different means to survive the bitter cold.

23 C

They consume the energy stored before the long sleep.

24 A

By storing enough food beforehand

25 C

To stay safe

2017.6 四级翻译题目一:黄河

黄河是亚洲第三、世界第六长的河流。“黄”这个字描述的是其河水浑浊的颜色。黄河发源于青海,流经九个省份,最后注入渤海。黄河是中国赖以生存的几条河流之一。黄河流域(river basin)是中国古代文明的诞生地,也是中国早期历史上最繁荣的地区。然而,由于极具破坏力的洪水频发,黄河曾造成多次灾害。在过去几十年里,政府采取了各种措施防止灾害发生。

The Yellow River ranks the third longest in Asia and the sixth longest in the world. The word “yellow” describes the muddy water of the river. The Yellow River,one of several rivers for China to live on,originates from Qinghai,flows through nine provinces, and finally pours into the Bohai Sea. The river basin is not only the birthplace of ancient Chinese civilization,but also the most prosperous region in the early history of China. However, due to the frequent devastating floods, it has caused many disasters. In the past few decades, the government has taken various measures to prevent disasters.成人英语培训http://www.yangjiajiao.com/adult/

2017.6 四级翻译题目一:珠江


The Pearl River, an extensive river system in southern China, flows through Guangzhou City. It is China’s third-longest river, only after the Yangtze River and the Yellow River. The Pearl River Delta (PRD) is one of the most developed regions in China with an area of about 11,000 square kilometers. It is the largest urban area in the world in both size and population. The nine largest cities of PRD have a combined population of over 57 million. Since the reform and opening up was adopted by the Chinese government in the late 1970s, the Delta has become one of the leading economic regions and a major manufacturing center of China and the world.

2017.6 四级翻译题目一:长江

长江是亚洲最长、世界上第三长的河流。长江流经多种不同的生态系统,是诸多濒危物种的栖息地,灌溉了中国五分之一的土地。长江流域(river basin)居住着中国三分之一的人口。长江在中国历史、文化和经济上起着很大的作用。长江三角洲(delta)产出多大20%的中国国民生产总值。几千年来,长江一直被用于供水、运输和工业生产。长江上还坐落着世界最大的水电站。

The Yangtze River is the longest river in Asia and the third-longest in the world. It flows through a wide array of ecosystems and is habitat to several endemic and endangered species. The Yangtze River drains one-fifth of the land area of the People’s Republic of China (PRC). Its river basin is home to one-third of the country’s population. The Yangtze plays a large role in the history, culture and economy of China. The Yangtze River Delta generates as much as 20% of the PRC’s GDP. For thousands of years, the river has been used for water, irrigation and industrial production. The largest hydro-electric power station in the world is located in the River.



26.O vigorous

27.I phenomenon

28.E effectively

29.G involved

30.M solution

31.D cycling

32.C control

33. J preventing

34. N sufficient

35. F increased


36 [H] 题干:Successful team leaders know exactly where the team should go and are able to take prompt action.

37 [D] 题干:Decentralization of authority was also found to be more effective in military operations.

38 [B] 题干:In many companies, the conventional form of organization is giving way to a network of teams.

39 [J] 题干:Members of poorly managed teams are easily distracted from their work.

40 [G] 题干:Teamwork is most effective when team members share the same culture.

41 [A] 题干:According to a report by Deloitte, teamwork is becoming increasingly popular among companies.

42 [F] 题干:Some team members find it hard to agree on questions like membership and the team’s purpose.

43 [E] 题干:Some scholars think teamwork may not always be reliable, despite its potential to work wonders.

44 [I] 题干:To ensure employee’s commitment, it is advisable to give them more flexibility as to where and how they work.

45 [C] 题干: Product transitions take much less time now than in the past.


46 D Britons have developed the habit of saving.

47 B It will remain gloomy.

48 C Luxurious features add much to the price.

49 A They are particular about the quality of toilet paper.

50 D Environmental protection is not much of a concern when Britons buy toilet paper.


51 B She succeeded in quitting smoking abruptly.

52 D They were offered nicotine replacements.

53 C It is encouraging.

54 B needs some practice first.

55 A They find it even more difficult.






Part Ⅰ Writing

Part Ⅱ Listening Comprehension

1: D 2: A 3: B 4: A 5: D

6: B 7: C 8: B 9: B 10: C

11: A 12: D 13: A 14: D 15: C

16: A 17: B 18: C 19: A 20: D

21: C 22: C 23: B 24: D 25: A


The method for making beer has changed over time. Hops(啤酒花),for example, which give many a modern beer its bitter flower, are a_26 relatively recent addition to the beverage. This was first mentioned in reference to brewing in the ninth century. Now, researchers have found a

27 surprising ingredient in residue(残留物) from 5000-year-old beer brewing equipment. While digging two pits at a site in the central plains of China, scientists discovered fragments from pots and vessels. The different shapes of the containers 28 suggest they were used to brew, filter, and store beer. They may be ancient “beer-making tools,” and the earliest _29 direct evidence of beer brewing in China, the researchers reported in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. To_30 test that theory, the team examined the yellowish, dried_31 remains inside the vessels. The majority of the grains, about 80%, were from cereal crops like barley (大麦) and about 10% were bits of roots 32 including lily, which would have made the beer sweeter, the scientists say. Barley was an unexpected find :the crop was domesticated in Western Eurasia and didn’t become a_33 staple food in central China until about 2,000 years ago, according to the researchers. Based on that timing, they indicate barley may have _34 arrived in the region not as food ,but as _35 raw material for beer brewing.


36.H 37.K 38.C 39.G 40.P

41.A 42.L 43.E 44.O 45.I


46. B) It is widely acknowledged.

47. B) It can be a new phase of one’s life.

48. A) It can be quite rosy.

49. B) to mature

50. D) It is likely to be a critical turning point in one’s life.

51. A) It is a welcome sign of the coming of spring.

52. D) They are favored as a form of art.

53. C) Eggs reflect the anxieties of people today.

54. A) She never knows if the egg will break before the design is completed.

55. B) It has a history of over two thousand years.

Part Ⅳ Translation



Part Ⅰ Writing

Part Ⅱ Listening Comprehension

1: C 2: A 3: C 4: B 5: D

6: D 7: B 8: C 9: A 10: B

11: D 12: B 13: A 14: D 15: C

16: A 17: D 18: B 19: A 20: B

21: D 22: A 23: C 24: C 25: B

Part Ⅲ Reading Comprehension


26. O) vigorous 27. I) phenomenon

28. E) effectively 29. G) involved

30. M) solution 31. D) cycling

32. C) control 33. J) preventing

34. N) sufficient 35. F) increased


36. H 37. D 38. B 39. J 40. G

41. A 42. F 43. E 44. I 45. C


46. A) Britons have cut their spending on it.

47. B) It will remain gloomy.

48. C) Luxurious features add much to the price.

49. A) They are particular about the quality of toilet paper.

50. D)Environmental protection is not much of a concern when Britons buy toilet paper.

51. B) She succeeded in quitting smoking abruptly.

52. D) They were offered nicotine replacements.

53. C) It is encouraging.

54. B) needs some practice first

55. A) They find it even more difficult.

Part Ⅳ Translation



Part Ⅰ Writing

Part Ⅱ Listening Comprehension

Part Ⅲ Reading Comprehension


America’s Internet is faster than ever before, but people still complain about their Internet being too slow. New York’s attorney general’s office 26 launched an investigation in the fall into whether or not Verizon, Cablevision and Time Warner are delivering broadband that’s as fast as the providers 27 claim it is. Earlier this morning, the office asked for the public’s help to measure their speed results, saying consumers 28 deserved to get the speeds they we’re promised. ”too many of us may be paying for one thing, and getting another,” the attorney general said. If the investigation uncovers anything, it wouldn’t be the first time a telecom provider got into 29 communicating over the broadband speeds it promised and delivered customers. Back in June, the Federal Communications Commission fined AT&T $100 million over 30 data that the carrier secretly reduced wireless speeds after customers consumed a certain amount of 31 accusations Even when they stay on the right side of the law, Internet providers arouse consumers’ anger over bandwidth speed and cost. Just this week, an investigation found that media and telecom giant Comcast is the most 32 trouble provider. Over 10 months, Comcast received 21,000 customer complaints, many 33 relating to it’s monthly data cap and overage(超过额度的)charges. Some Americans are getting so 34 frustrated with Internet providers they’re just giving up. A recent study found that the number of Americans with high-speed Internet at home today 35 usually felt during the last two years, and 15% of people now consider themselves to be “cord-cutters.”


36. Readiness to take advantage of new opportunities will make it easier to create one’s desired future. (G)

37.By conventional standards, Leah was a typical successful woman before she changed her career (D)

38.Leah gained confidence by laying out her fears and confronting them directly. (L)

39.In search of a meaningful life, Leah gave up what she had and set up her own yoga studios. (B)

40.Leah’s interest in yoga prompted her to make a firm decision to reshape her life. (F)

41.Small signs may indicates great changes to come and therefore merit attention. (C)

42.Leah’s first yoga studio was by no means an immediate success. (B)

43.Some people regard professional change as an unpleasant experience that disturbs their career. (A)

44.The worst fear that Leah ever had was the prospect of losing her yoga business. (K)

45.As she explored new interests and developed new potentials, Leah felt powerful internally. (E)


46: B 47: C 48: C 49: D 50: B

51: D 52: C 53: B 54: A 55: C

Part Ⅳ Translation




The Tang dynasty, which began in 618 and ended in 907, is generally regarded as the most prosperous period in Chinese history. After three hundred years of development, the Tang Dynasty has become the most prosperous power around the world. Its capital Chang’an was the largest city in the world at that time. During this period, economy developed, commerce thrived, social order was stable, and even the border was open to the outside. Wealth increased due to urbanization, art and literature also flourished. Li Bai and Du Fu are poets who are renowned for their simple and natural writing style. Their poems touched the hearts of scholars and ordinary people; even today, many of their poems are still widely read and recited by children and adults.



The Song dynasty began in 960 and continued until 1279. During this period, China’s economy grew significantly and became the world’s most advanced economy. Technology, science, philosophy and mathematics flourished over the course of the Song. It is the first government in the world history to issue paper money. The Song dynasty is also the first government to use gunpowder and invented movable-type printing. With the rapid growth of population , more and more people live in the city, where there are lively entertainment venues. Social life during the Song was vibrant. Citizens gathered to view and trade precious artworks. The institution of Song dynasty was prominent at that time; the officials were employed through competitive examinations.


Section A:

26. F) focused

27. L) trigger

28. O) volunteers

29. H) instructed

30. J) sealed

31. M) uttering

32. A) apparently

33. C) brilliance

34. D) claiming

35. N) volume




Conversation One

1. What is the number one factor that made employees happy according to the survey?

答案:B:Having friendly colleagues.

2. What is the percentage of the people surveyed who felt unhappy at work?


3. What kind of companies are popular with employees?

答案:A:Those of a samll size

4. What is the possible reason for people on part-time contracts to be happier?

答案:C:They can better balance work and life

Conversation Two

5. What does the man say about the book Moments Before the Flood?

答案:D:It is a collection of photos.

6. When did the man get his idea for the work?

答案:C:When taking pictures for a concert catalogue

7. What will happen when the climate catastrophe occurs?

答案:A:The entire European coastline will be submerged

8. What does the man say about Venice?

答案:D:Tourists use wooden paths to reach their hotels in the morning


Passage one

9. What do some people do when they face a new situation?

答案:C:They make careful preparations beforehand

10. What does the research conducted at Stanford University show?

答案:D:Thinking has the same effect on the nervous system as doing

11. What advice does the speaker give to people in a stressful situation

答案:C:Picture thenselves succeeding

12. What do we learn about the lawyer in the court?

答案:B:She won her first jury trial

Passage Two

13. What does the new study tell about adding fiber to the teen diet?

答案:C:It helps people to avoid developing breast cancer

14. What do we learn about the survey of the 44,000 women?

答案:D:It tracked their cating habits since their adolescence

15. What explanation does the speaker offer for the research finding?

答案:A:Fiber may help to reduce hormones in the body


Recording 1

16. What is the speaker currently doing?

答案:B:Conducting research on consumer behaviour

17. What has speaker found about young people’s drinking?

答案:D:It is a chief concern of parents

18. What does the speaker say that the students did last year?

答案:A:They spent a week studying their own purehasing behaviour

Recording Two

19. What do we learn about Sweden?

答案:D:Ti is likely to give up paper money in the near future

20. What did Claire Barrett want to find out with her experiment?

答案:D:Whether the absence of physical currency causes a person to spend more

21. What did Claire Barrett find on her train ride?

答案:C:The restaurant car accepted cash only

22. How did people of the last generation budget their spending?

答案:B:By drawing money week by week

Recording 3

23. What is one of the problems the speaker mentions in his talk?

答案:B:Chrinic hunger

24. What does the speaker say about pregnancies?

答案:B:About half of them are unintended

25. How does the speaker view the study of the populations?

答案:A:It is essential to the wellbeing of all species on earth



1. A) He would feel insulted.

2. D)They need improvement.

3. A) He seldom writes a book straight through.

4. D) Unlike a football match, there is no end to writing a book.

5. C) High college dropout rates among black athletes.

6. D) They make money for the college but often fail to earn a degree.

7. C) Slightly over 50%.

8. A) Coaches lack the incentive to graduate them.

9. B) Holiday shopping.

10. D) About 183.8 million.

11. C) They are thriving once more.

12. B) Higher employment and wages.

13. D) They are antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

14. D) Routine operations have become complex.

15. C) Money.

16. B) It improves students’ ability to think.

17. A) They encourage academic democracy.

18. A) His thirst for knowledge.

19. D) People tend to underestimate their mental powers.

20. B) They include more or less the same number of states.

21. C) Reviewing your lessons where the exam is to take place.

22. A) Discover when you can learn best.

23. C)He is a sociologist.

24. D) In developing countries.

25. B) Their income is less than 50% of the national average family income.



Section A 选词填空

26. L) significant

27. F) justify

28. E) drastically

29. D) doubtful

30. H) outcome

31. O) standardized

32. B) confirm

33. K) reputation

34. C) demanding

35. A) accurately

Section B 长篇阅读

36. D

37. L

38. J

39. E

40. H

41. A

42. G

43. F

44. O

45. M

Section C 仔细阅读

46. A) It is backed by a campus spending analysis.

47. B) Facilities management by colleges is more cost-effective.

48. C) render a number of campus workers jobless

49. A) The outsourcing plan is not yet finalized.

50. D) He opposed the governor’s plan to reconstruct the college board system.

51. A) It is attributable to the rising value of the U.S. dollar.

52. B) They cannot be attributed to weather only.

53. D) reduce the size of its staff

54. D) To be more competitive in sales of beauty products.

55. D) It filled its stores with abundant supply of merchandise.



Section A 选词填空

Let’s all stop judging people who talk to themselves. New research says that those who can’t seem to keep their inner monologues(独白) in are actually more likely to a stay on task, remain 26 F focused better and show improved perception capabilities. Not bad, really, for some extra jabbering.

According to a series of experiments published in the Quarterly Journal of experimental psychology by professors Gary lupyan and Daniel Swignley, the act of using verbal clues to 27 L trigger mental pictures helps people function quicker.

In one experiment, they showed pictures of various objects to twenty__28 O volunteers and asked them to find just one of those, a banana. Half were 29 H instructed to repeat out loud what they were looking for and the other half kept their lips 30 J sealed Those who talked to themselves found the bananas slightly faster than those who didn’t. the researchers say. In other experiments, Lupyan and Swignley found that 31_M uttering_ the name of a common product when on the hunt for it helped quicken someone’s pace, but talking about uncommon items showed no advantage and slowed you down.

Common research has long held that talking themselves through a task helps children learn, although doing so when you’ve 32 A apparently matured is not a great sign of 33 C brilliance . The two professors hope to refute that idea, 34 D claiming that just as when kids walk themselves through a process, adults can benefit from using language not just to communicate, but also to help “augment thinking”.

Of course, you are still encouraged to keep the talking at library tones and, whatever you do , keep the information you share simple, like a grocery list. At any 35 N volume , there’s still such a thing as too much information.

Section B 长篇阅读

Rich Children and Poor Ones Are Raised Very Differently

36. Working-class parents teach their children to be obedient and show respect to adults.

37. American parents, whether rich or poor, have similar expectations of their children despite different ways of parenting.

38. While rich parents are more concerned with their children’s psychological well-being, poor parents are more worried about their children’s safety.

39. The increasing differences in child rearing between rich and poor families reflect growing social inequality.

40. Parenting approaches of working-class and affluent families both have advantages.

41. Higher-income families and working-class families now tend to live in different neighborhoods.

42. Physical punishment is used much less by well-educated parents.

43. Ms. Lareau doesn’t believe participating in fewer after-class activities will negatively affect children’s development.

44. Wealthy parents are concerned about their children’s mental health and busy schedules.

45. Some socioeconomic differences in child rearing have shrunk in the past ten years.

Section C 仔细阅读




The Tang Dynasty, which lasted from 618 through 907, was the most splendid/fascinating/impressive period of the Chinese history. The 300 years of rapid development during the Tang Dynasty turned China into the most prosperous power, with Chang’an, the then capital, becoming the largest metropolis in the world. China during this period was marked by/enjoyed/boasted economic boom, commercial prosperity and social stability. It even opened its borders to the outside world.As urbanization gained momenum and wealth continued to grow, art and literature also flourished. Li Bai and Du Fu were poets known/recognized for their plain and simple poems. Their poetry touched the hearts of/resonated with scholars and commoners alike. Many of their poems are still widely read and recited by both children and adults today.




During the Song Dynasty, which lasted from 960 till 1279, the economic boom made China the most developed country in the world/China became the most developed economy thanks to its burgeoning development. With the thriving economy came flourishing scenes of science, technology, philosophy and mathematics. China back then was the first country to issue paper money, use gunpowder and employ movable-type printing in the world. As population ballooned, more and more people moved to cities dotted with bustling/vibrant/dynamic entertainment venues. China during the Song Dynasty featured diverse lifestyles. people gathered to appreciate and trade valuable art works. The Song Dynasty was also administratively advanced, with all officials appointed through competitive selection.




The Ming Dynasty, which ruled/reigned China for 276 years, was depicted as one of the greatest periods of human history marked by/characterized by good governance and social stability. During this period, the development of handicrafts industry fostered/bolstered/boosted/spurred market economy and urbanization. Commodities, including alcohol and silk products, were available on the market in large quantities. On top of that/In addition/Alongside that, clocks and tobacco products, among many other foreign goods, were imported. Beijing, Nanjing, Yangzhou and Suzhou emerged as large commercial centers one after another. Under the reign of the Ming Dynasty, fleets headed by navigator Zheng He made seven large-scale, adventurous voyages to the Indian Ocean. What also merits attention is that three of the Four Great Classical Novels of Chinese Literature were written/created/produced during this period.

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